Spa Treatments

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Facial Massage

This treatment is carried out by maneuvers that help to relax tense muscles due to stress.

Consists cleansing, exfoliation and a delicate Massage.

60 min aprox. $75

Relaxing Massage

Massage with gentle and large movements that helps relax tight muscles and balances the body and mind.

60 min $ 80 /  90 min $ 90

Deep Tissue Massage

This Massage is recommended for athletes or anyone who likes a stronger and deeper Massage.

60 min $ 90 / 90 min $ 110


Works body reflex points located on the feet and hand. It reduces stress, improves circulation, eliminates toxins and impurities, revitalizes energy, balances the entire system and induces deep relaxation.

60 min $ 80


    • All you need for the service and we visit you to your hotel.

What to bring?

    • Towel

Rate per person

Depends on the treatment.

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Spa Treatments

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